Chartered Secretaries

if you do not have a company secretary, the Directors are totally responsible/liable for this work

Statutory auditing

Companies are required, by law, to maintain various statutory records. We can carry out an audit of all your records to both give you added confidence.


We offer advice and assistance on a variety of issues to ensure your company complies with government and statutory requirements

Business Sectors

We have extensive experience in public, private and not-for-profit companies, and in a large variety of business sectors including, in particular, the financial and technical sectors.


If your meetings don't always achieve their objectives then using a facilitator may be the answer.

Corporate governance

The aim of good corporate governance is to find a way in which the interests of shareholders, directors and other interest groups can all be satisfied

Limited liability partnerships

We can help you to form your LLP and to maintain it legally.

Mediation services

We provide trained and experienced mediators to help deliver a solution to your dispute

Minute writing service

We can supply professional minute writers for any meeting or gathering

Software implementation and training

There are various software options available to help companies become more efficient - for statutory records, share registration and share option management

Company Formation and Early Stage Services

We offer a tailor-made service for new formations and services for early stage companies to allow for scaling up.

Board Evaluation Services

We provide an independent external assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your Board.

Training and Mentoring Services

We train and mentor directors and executives.