Statutory Auditing

Companies are required, by law, to maintain various statutory records. We can carry out an audit of all your records to both give you added confidence that they are correct and comply with all legal requirements and to advise on and facilitate improvements.

We will carry out a full review of your registers – including the Register of Members, the PSC Register, the Register of Directors and Secretaries, the Register of Directors’ Interests, the Register of Mortgages, the Register of Debentures and the Register of Interests in Shares. We will review all the minutes and any other related documents and compare all the records with what has been recorded at Companies House and elsewhere as appropriate.

Once the review is complete, we will prepare a report which not only picks up any possible omissions and errors but also gives advice on the maintenance of this area of company secretarial work.

Where relevant, we can also advise on the computerisation of these records, providing implementation and training in the use of computer software.