Company Formation and Early Stage Services

We offer a tailor-made service for new formations and services for early stage companies to allow for scaling up.


VC Associates offers a tailor-made service for company formations so that everything that legally needs to be done to initially set up your company has been completed.

You could, of course, go to a formation agent to get a standard company set up. This will comply with basic legal requirements and be suitable for, say, a ‘one-man band’ with simple initial needs.

If you want a company that is more closely tailored to your needs, however, one that takes account of all legal requirements that you personally need to consider for your business, you may be better off using our services.

You could, for example, be forming a company with one or more colleagues in which case you should consider what you need in the constitution to cover the sale of shares if one of you leaves.

There may be a need for a separate shareholders agreement to cover areas of operation between yourselves stipulating, for example, a unanimous vote for certain decisions on the running of the Company.

Your new company could be taking over an existing business. We can help to legally transfer the assets and liabilities of the business.

We can also organise VAT registration, your registration with the HMRC and assist you in sourcing a suitable accountant or auditor as necessary.


Early stage companies, including fast-growing companies in the tech sector, need help in the early years.

Young companies need help and support with the set-up of the initial governance structure, policies, HR (People) function, a legal structure, GDPR requirements, and communication with investors, as well as the usual company secretarial support – we have helped many companies scale through those early stages of development, as Company Secretary, Head of Legal, Head of People, Head of Insurance, and so on, until they are large enough to be able to pay for full-time employed staff to carry on these roles.

This is an extremely important time for a company to lay down a solid base for future development and growth.