Minute Writing Service

We can supply professional minute writers for any meeting or gathering. All our minute writers have business qualifications and/or extensive business experience and, therefore, have a good understanding of all areas of business. They are all very experienced at taking minutes. They are also independent and, therefore, will prepare minutes that have no political bias.

Minute writing is important in that, for Boards and committees in particular, it is prima facie evidence of decisions made and can prove important in the event of any action by or against the Directors.

As well as Boards and committees, there are a huge variety of gatherings in both the business and political world that need to be recorded by minutes.

As a minute writer, you have to have a good understanding of business to be able to record what is said accurately. You also have to be aware of the laws around minutes to ensure that they both comply with law and do what they are supposed to do which is to provide an accurate record of what was said and agreed.

We have a provisional meeting with the client to agree the style and level of detail. We ask that an agenda and any accompanying papers are supplied within a reasonable period prior to the meeting to allow the minute taker to understand the subject matters to be covered. Notes of the meeting are taken using a laptop and these notes are immediately backed up. Final draft minutes will be supplied within a reasonable time scale agreed between us and the client. We, of course, also guarantee complete confidentiality.

By giving us the responsibility of preparing your initial draft minutes, we can take away what is normally a head-ache for those running or arranging a meeting.